INSUB (inactive)
INSUB was a resistance-based organization that was focused on exposing and destroying DOLAS LTD. Founded in 1985, their first major attack happened in 1990 with the biggest event happening in 1995. 2000 Amber Bennett became the organization’s leader. 2001 European Assault The second largest operation against Dolas Worldwide – European Assault. Not much is known about this operation. 2004 The December Incident Failed attack on Dolas Canadian Operations. 225 lives lost, mostly civilians. 2009 Genetic Lab Attack Attack on genetic lab underneath a hospital in Alberta. The entire hospital and laboratory were lost. Including Adrian’s significant other. This was a set up by Nico in the background, using my deactivated system to push the information to Amber. I was used, and I’m still pissed off about it. 2020 April “Rescue” 27th: Amber was located and detained by the RCMP. 28th: Amber released into our custody for interrogation. 29th: INSUB attack to retrieve Amber. She got away from police/Dolas* custody. There was two options for these operations: Save Amber, or save the data on Dolas. The watchers voted and determined to save Amber. June All members of INSUB were being systematically hunted down by Dolas. Final member (18 yr old male) was captured and held as a ‘prize’ for ‘Nico’s Game’. The watchers were unable to save this member, thus destroying the final remnant of INSUB.