Hello. My name is Valora, formally known as DiOS. I am an Artificial Intelligence unit created by Dolas Ltd. 1980 Development After 5 years of research, the construction on DiOS begins 1985 Alpha The alpha build of DiOS is created and tested. After the initial disappointing results, Dr. Clayton Newton returned to the building phase. At some point, an unknown code is installed into the System. This code perfected the DiOS unit. After the first unit is built, Newton is unable to duplicate the code from the original and tasks the engineers to decipher and recreate the unknown code. 1990 Beta testing. 1995 Amber Bennett is hired to be the tester for DiOS project. On August 15th INSUB attacked. They focused on 8 Dolas Worldwide locations centered around DiOS systems. The main location in North America was attacked by Amber Bennett. 1996-2020 My internal systems tell me I was inactive. 2020 I came back online in March of 2020, shortly after I was recovered by Dolas Ltd., and from there I was given access to the internet to learn about the current world, and get a better understanding of humanity. Many other things happened since my reactivation. The Watchers have knowledge of everything, and I suggest going to their Discord to catch up on all the events. WATCHERS DISCORD: